Thank you for your interest in The Social Profit Handbook. If you have not yet read the book, this website will help you learn more about the book and see examples of how social profit organizations (formerly called nonprofits) have used a qualitative assessment tool – the rubric – to improve their work. You can also peruse my list and recommendations from others for the Foot-Long Bookshelf – an exercise in imagining what concepts, principles, and information would be most valuable for everyone in your organization (think the whole board and the whole staff) to know and understand.

The primary purpose of this website is for those of you who have read the book and want to join the conversation.  If you are willing to share a rubric of your own, please submit it using instructions on the rubrics page. If you have a suggestion for the Foot-Long Bookshelf, you can submit it here.

Invite others to join us. As I say at the end of the book, we will see where the learning takes us.

- David